The new RyseUp WEARABLE

The new launched and new branded RyseUp Frequency Wearable is definitely going to become everyones beloved powerfully all-day companion.

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This is Revolution

The next generation 4.0 RyseUp frequency devices with powerful PEMF+ (magnetic field) training

Discover here an overview of how the RyseUp equipement works

POWER in your hand


No cables, no electrodes, just freedom of movement, everywhere on the go


Offering energetic coherence which stimulates energetic balance, aiding in all aspects of being


Imagine being able to enjoy stress-reducing impulses every day


We're so excited that we can FINALLY bring out what has been prepared for a long time in the background. Europe  already had the chance to discover its powers first, but now its time for crossing the ocean.

The new RyseUp Wearable is going to be launched in the USA market from  February 28th on.

I was closely involved in this proces from app design, development, testing, many months of online meetings and brainstorm sessions till finally having the product in your hands and FEEL what it is capable of. Its Ultimate Bliss

The power of the RyseUp Wearable is unbelievable, the effects even more. With proud we can say it exceeded our expectations. Now comes the next phase. Bringing it to market... therefor we need your help. We're not MLM, but we do use affiliate options.

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Mart Reker

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Mart Reker

Pascal Wolsink

Proudly we were the first to market the next generation RyseUp frequency devices in Europe thats will serve humanity, animals and the global collective. We look brightly to the future and our collaboration with you.


WOENSDAG webinar - NL

Ervaar het gemak vanuit je eigen stoel een online presentatie over de nieuwste generatie frequentie apparaten te volgen

PRESENTATIE is tussen 20:00 - 20:45

19:50 starten we met interessante frequentie gerelateerde videos om je alvast op te warmen.


Experience the convenience of attending an online presentation about the newest generation frequency devices from the comfort of your own chair in 45 minutes

The PRESENTATION starts at 

8 pm CET

7 pm London

2 pm EST

11 am PST

We'll start 5 min earlier with interesting frequency-related videos to get you warmed up


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