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Together achieving harmonious and healthy living in all freedom

Introducing ourselves


At Frequency Solutions, founded by Mart Reker and Pascal Wolsink, we strive for a healthy and harmonious future. Our mission is to provide high-quality frequency solutions, that will inspire and help people to find their own path to well-being in complete freedom.


Mart Reker and Pascal Wolsink dream of a world in which Frequency Solutions as a platform is synonymous with harmony, health and freedom for people, animals and plants. We see a community moving together towards a balanced life, supported by innovative frequency technologies and other biohacks that can positively influence and support life.

The basics of a healthy life are harmonious frequencies, clean water, detoxing protocols and oxygen enriched supplements to speed up your natural healing processes.

Those are being brought to the market in Europe and beyond by Frequency Solutions - Naoru Brands BV, the company of Pascal (47) and Mart (46). The partners work with great pleasure and enthusiasm to optimize your life.

Pascal Wolsink & Mart Reker

Frequency Solutions is an independent affiliate of RyseUp and distributor of other products.

Frequency Solutions is the trade name of our company Naoru Brands BV.

Naoru means in Japanese: To heal, to recover, to become better, to repair, to make.

Our name is perfectly in line with our mission to help humanity unlock its fullest potential. If you want a demonstration, additional explanation, ordering, or to get to know our systems or the people behind it, please feel free to contact us via the contact form below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Naoru Brands BV - Frequency Solutions
Gorsveldweg 34
7497NN Bentelo
+316 15 006 715
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KvK nummer: 87540185

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