Professional Frequency Systems

Beside offering professional systems for Therapists, Coaches and other Health professionals, we're also specialized in bringing the Agriculture market to higher standards.


Creating balance for your crops is that easy.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology and harmonizing frequencies may offer numerous benefits for crops and livestock:

A few examples:

1. Enhanced Growth: PEMF exposure has shown a positive outcome to promote plant growth by improving nutrient absorption and stimulating cellular activities.

2. Increased Yield: By optimizing plant metabolism and photosynthesis, PEMF systems may lead to higher crop yields.

3. Improved Crop Resilience: Plants exposed to harmonizing frequencies tend to exhibit increased resistance to environmental stressors such as drought, pests, and diseases. So far our farmers excitingly reported they could use less pesticides.

4. Accelerated Germination: PEMF sessions may enhance seed germination rates, resulting in quicker crop grow.

5. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Harmonizing frequencies may facilitate better nutrient uptake by plants, ensuring they receive essential elements for healthy growth and development.


Creating balance for live stock creates a new standard

A Few Examples:

1. Enhanced Well-Being: Exposure to PEMF and harmonizing frequencies may promote overall well-being in livestock, reducing stress levels and improving their general health.

2. Faster Recovery: PEMF sessions may accelerate the healing process in injured animals, reducing recovery times and minimizing the risk of complications, simply because their own self regulating system is being stimulated due to the Resonance principles.

3. Increased Milk Production: Dairy cows subjected to PEMF sessions may experience increased milk production due to improved blood circulation and metabolism.

4. Stronger Immune System: Regular exposure to harmonizing frequencies can boost the immune response in livestock, making them less susceptible to infections and diseases.

5. Improved Reproduction: PEMF therapy may enhance reproductive outcomes in livestock by optimizing hormone levels and reproductive functions, leading to higher fertility rates and healthier offspring.

In summary, PEMF technology and harmonizing frequencies offer a wide range of benefits for both crops and livestock, ultimately contributing to higher yields, improved health, and greater resilience in agricultural systems.

The PRO System

A new standard of convenience for your practice

Discover our Pro System

The overall energetic state of clients in professional practices can determine the effectiveness and contribute to the outcome of any form of treatment offered.

Stress can not only be a cause of illness, but it can also create blockages in clients, making it difficult to achieve the desired change.

That's why energetic balance and the self-regulating ability of clients can serve the treatment strategy and support the practitioner in their work.

User-friendly with an intuitive user interface and completely wireless (or wired if desired) our systems are perfect for health professionals, coaches, yoga and sports instructors to offer a new way to help their clients return to a state of holistic well-being.

With the N-PRO system, healthcare professionals meet the demands of clients. The system is perfectly suited for working with individuals and groups.

Use the 15-minute PEP (Personalized Energy Program) for quick rebalancing of someone's current needs. Or go deeper by identifying multiple individual resonance needs through various resonance checking options.

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