Why is resonance so important for us? Learn more about it here


The RyseUp products operate according to the principle of resonance.

The RyseUp wearable operates based on the principle of resonance.

But how does that work exactly? First, some explanation about the body is necessary.

Quantum Physics

Our body is a self-healing and super-intelligent system. What they don't teach us in school is that we are energetic beings and literally consist of frequencies.

Quantum physicists like Albert Einstein introduced this to the world in the early 1900s. A famous quote from him: 

"The future of medicine is the medicine of frequencies."

Electromagnetic connections

Our cells are made up of molecules that in turn consist of atoms. An atom consists of a nucleus with electrons orbiting around it. Between the electrons, there is a huge amount of space, but they are held in place by electromagnetic connections

=> You can see this principle in action in our planets that orbit around the sun. There is a lot of space in between.

The composition of an atom and the speed at which those electrons orbit around it emit a vibration, or frequency, or resonance.

You can imagine that your kidneys have a different composition of atoms than your bones or skin. So, each tissue has its own unique frequency vibration.

Magnetic field

The wearable offers combinations of frequencies through a powerful magnetic field.

Think of it like a buffet that is made available. The body is intelligent enough to determine which frequencies it needs and which ones it doesn't. It is therefore safe to use.

The wearable offers freedom of movement. No attachments, no electrodes or patches needed.

Eat, read, sleep, cook, exercise, work, and all the while, the frequencies are delivered with impeccable precision.

This convenience also allows people and even animals to be supported at the same time. This offers unprecedented possibilities.

Example of Resonance:

 Pluck a string on a guitar and you'll see that one string vibrating. The others won't vibrate.

Record the sound with your phone. Then, place a speaker underneath the guitar and play back the recorded sound.

The speaker and the soundboard will cause that one string to vibrate again, without touching it! That's the principle of resonance.


All of your tissues are like instruments

How does our technology works? We explain it using an example. Imagine an orchestra playing a beautiful symphony.

Tissues as instruments

All your organs and tissues can be seen as individual instruments each playing their own unique frequency. In the case of an orchestra, those are the notes.

Our devices are the conductor and tuner in one, providing a toolbox that allows the instruments to calibrate themselves through the resonance principle. Read on to understand how it works.

Beautiful Symphony

When you're young and healthy, the symphony sounds beautiful and pitch-perfect because all the instruments are perfectly in tune with each other. Just like in a real orchestra, all the instruments are constantly tuned in between performances for optimal performance. This happens several times a day.

Instruments out of tune

We live our lives, we age and/or we are exposed to influences (stress, toxins, radiation) that can cause our instruments to wear out faster, which means our tissues - or instruments - age, get out of tune, and react slower.

This process of premature wear and tear is becoming more and more common in younger people as well.

Moreover, some people take better care of their instruments than others. The level of maintenance can determine how long you can enjoy your instruments.

TUNE your body daily

Use The wearable daily to keep tuning, calibrating, and maintaining your system. This helps maintain your instruments for optimal long-term results.

Fight radiation stress

Our body is originally designed to be in contact with nature. We are not made for the modern frequency disruptions of this time and unconsciously experience much more stress than we directly realize, with all the consequences that follow.

  • TIP 1: Put your mobile phone on flight mode (instead of night mode) or turn it off before going to bed. You will immediately sleep better and deeper.
  • Tip 2: Turn off your wifi and printer with wifi, or on a timer at night.
  • Tip 3: Have a specialist like a radiation measurement agency measure the radiation in your home. You will be amazed at what you can't see, but can significantly bring you out of balance or even harm you and your loved ones.

Stimulating self-healing ability

Molecules back in their original state

Our devices provide a powerful PEMF+ field that offers combinations of frequencies at high speed, reminding the molecules of what their original state should be.

Stimulating self-healing ability

Our devices may contribute to an overall energetic coherence, in which the energetic balance is stimulated. This can help reduce stress, which in turn contributes to stimulating the self-healing ability of humans, animals, and plants.